A Sweet, Summer Shower for Sabrina

A prettier day for a prettier girl, I cannot imagine.  Sabrina’s bridal shower was absolutely perfect!  Held at Liuna Gardens on a hot summer day, myself, along with all of the guests of the day were absolutely spoiled by the bride-to-be and her team of gorgeous bridesmaids.  I think I should start with her sweet table, not to be confused with her overflowing cookie table(s).  Done by a lovely friend of hers, this sweet table was not to be outdone, AMAZING job Marissa!  It was covered with candy of all sorts, sweet tarts, cake pops, golden, glitter covered donuts (I repeat, golden, glitter donuts!!) …and the most adorable mini cakes created by my favorite and yours,  Sweet Celebrations.   These mini cakes were also, get this…the centerpiece at each table!  I feel like, if you wanted to start a scuffle over who gets to take home the centerpiece, making them mouth watering mini-cakes is certainly the way to do it.  Once again, I am kinda rambling on about sweets…let’s continue.

DSC07853 copy



DSC05185 copy

DSC05294 copy

I have heard my share of speeches over the years, at bridal showers and weddings, but the ones I heard at Sabrina’s shower, especially between these two top the list.  Not sisters by blood, but you certainly wouldn’t know it by the way this MOH and bride-to-be spoke about each other.

I couldn’t get enough of the little ones in this wedding party!  Such sweet little ones!  Dancing, posing, hugging-perfect little photo subjects!



These amazing women!  So much love!


DSC05207 copy


These girls were amazing,  at Sabrina’s side the entire day.  “Who has a bobby pin!?  Sabrina needs a bobby pin!”  Cue 11 girls hastily, digging through purses to find one.




ANNNNNND here comes the handsome Groom-to-be!  Nice to see you Angelo!  All the best to you guys.  Sabrina, you are a gorgeous girl, inside and out and I wish you the very best, on your wedding day, and every day that follows.   All love!  xo

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