And then there were three…

Every now and then, there is a wedding on the horizon that we didn’t expect to have.  Most of our wonderful couples book a year to a year and a half in advance.   Enter Maria & Paul, who somehow were able to land their wedding day with us, the ONLY day left on the whole calendar for the month, and land it just a few months in advance!  If any of you know Maria, you would know that she would be the one to defy those odds!  Honestly, speaking about it now, we were the lucky ones.  What a phenomenal couple with a phenomenal family, what a pleasure it was to spend such an amazing day with them.

Early morning with our groom was nothing but class.  Outside, the boys were watching a game, having an espresso and smoking some great cigars.  Inside, there was a chef preparing some exceptional dishes for the groomsmen to feast on.  Prosciutto, figs, grilled calamari, bocconcini and fresh tomatoes to name a few…  We didn’t want to leave.

DSC07134-2 copy

Some guys…some guys see a camera and tense up, THIS guy was a natural.  It took no effort at all to perfectly capture Paul getting ready.  A tailored grey suit, some killer socks and Cole Haan shoes and he was all set to go, but not before grabbing some pretty important pics with some pretty important people.  Paul’s family is incredible, funny, supportive and we felt instantly welcomed as soon as we took off our shoes.

DSC07375 copy


DSC07343 copy


DSC00065 copy

The groomsmen!  Of course!  We can’t forget the groomsmen!  “We’re men. That means a few things – we like to go to the bathroom with the door open,  we go on riverboat gambling trips, and we make our own beef jerky. That’s what we do, and now that is all wrecked.”  I thought I heard someone say that…

DSC00057 copy

As previously mentioned, when it came time, we didn’t want to leave… and we wouldn’t leave without tasting some of Tom Mercante’s dishes.  A quick shout out to him for this incredibly prepared meal.  Long gone are the days of turkey sandwiches your mom threw together the night before. If you are on Facebook, you can find his page HERE.  We would recommend Tom anytime for your personal chef needs!


Perfect timing!  We arrived to Maria’s while she was having the finishing touches with makeup done.  Maria is a beautiful girl, on any given day, but when we walked in and saw her on her wedding day, we were blown away.   Just stunning.   We took some time with a little bit of details before she got into her dress, including a little bridal boudoir session.  Sorry, those photos are for Paul’s eyes only.

The Dress, when it comes to the dress it is all about the small moments,  the moment you first take it off the hanger, the moment you first step in, the moment your mom does up that last button in the back…


DSC07409A copy

You know, of all the things that you see at a bride’s house that might pull at your heartstrings, I would have to say that the clear, indestructible,  immeasurably strong bonds between Maria and her mom, and Maria and her beautiful daughter Aleicia was what got us.



DSC07441 copy


DSC07457 copy


DSC00133 copy

Maria’s wedding party consisted of 7 stunning ladies, some coming from as far as Florida for her big day.  They all loved the camera as much as the camera love them!  These bridesmaid dresses though!  Gorgeous.  We had a great time doing some photos in the back yard while we had a few more minutes before heading out to the Compass Restaurant in Oakville ON. for the ceremony and reception.

DSC07512 copy


DSC00159 copy


DSC00205 copy


DSC00211 copy


The whole day is fun to capture, but we look forward to the photo shoot the most.  Once the stress of the ceremony is washed away, we get to spend some time with the newlyweds.  These two were so easy!  So happy, so in love…just complete.

DSC00413 copy


DSC00561 copy


DSC00554 copy


DSC00400 copy copy

Wait…these three.  Now they are complete… a full circle.

DSC00586 copy


DSC00403 copy


DSC07685 copy

The socks…matching socks are sooooo 2014.

DSC00360 copy


DSC00388 copy


DSC00423 copy


DSC00217 copy

At each wedding, when it’s time to leave, we say our goodbyes…we give our well wishes and lots of hugs.  We say bye to the parents, the wedding party and the newly wed couple.  At the end of the night, at this wedding, we knew we had made some pretty great friends.  Maria & Paul, all our love to you and your beautiful family.  Thank you so much for including us in your perfect wedding day.


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