Diana & Daniel’s Wedding

Daniel and Diana’s wedding, well, we laughed we cried, ate more than we would like to admit,  and all of THAT, happened before we even left the groom’s house.  We arrived at Dan’s first, to a home full of family, laughter, enough groomsmen to start a football team, and a whole lot of shoes in the hallway.  Everyone was there to celebrate Dan and help in whatever way they could.

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I think we can attribute calm atmosphere at Diana’s house to the detail oriented planning of D,  her sister and their mom.  This allowed us to really take our time capturing Diana’s dress, earrings and flowers.  I love, love, love, love her bouquet done by Frances at the House of Floral Designs.

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Nala, we couldn’t forget you!  We wish there was a pup at each and every wedding we capture.  How cute is she in her little wedding dress!?!

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These two are thick as thieves.  Having shot Diana’s Bridal shower, and then her wedding, I have not only seen the way these two act together but have heard the kindest, funniest, probably painfully truthful stories of when they were little.  Sisters are for laughing and wiping away tears.  That is so true in life, but even more true during wedding planning!  With Jess by her side and the loveliest bridesmaids around, how could this be anything but the MOST perfect day!

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This is such a huge moment, capturing Dan’s face as he sees his bride coming down the aisle of Saint Frances Xavier Parish in Stoney Creek.  I love this church, with a long, gorgeous aisle it gives us, and everyone attending the chance to capture and appreciate these moments before Diana’s father hands her off to her waiting groom.

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Now that all that paperwork was over, it was time to let loose!  Dancing on the party bus and having some drinks on the way down to Sarcoa, on the Hamilton Waterfront.  This was one of the finest looking group of groomsmen we had ever seen.  So fresh lol.

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There are more than a few things to put on your wedding day checklist to ensure that it is a beautiful day, but here are my suggestions for the some of the top spots.  1) Obviously hire the best Wedding Photographers in the biz   2) Have a stunning dress and amazing hair and makeup.  Diana went to the mecca of the perfect wedding day look- Makeup Worx.   3) Pick a stunning venue-in Diana’s case she chose one of our absolute favourites, Liuna Station  4) Have a mouth watering dessert and cake table and Sweet Celebrations, in my opinion, simply cannot be beat.  5)  Don’t forget about decor! And for that, the detail oriented sisters of Sisterly Love Decor

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I cannot express just how excited I get when I walk into a wedding reception and see a dessert table as gorgeous as this one!  Sweet Celebrations making my life complete one wedding at a time!

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What else can we say, we had an amazing time not only on your wedding day, but throughout your entire planning process.  From the engagement session to the bridal shower, to the wedding day, we enjoyed every step.  All the very best to you both.  All our love




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