Good Morning Handsome, Good Morning Beautiful

It has been a whirlwind wedding season,  and now that we get to finally  put out some of our weddings from the summer, we couldn’t WAIT for this one!  Francesca and Peter’s wedding day was one of those days that didn’t even feel like work.  The wedding party was HUGE, the guest list GIGANTIC,  and there was so much food that we thought we were in Heaven.   What an amazing opportunity  it was to be part of their spectacular day.  We knew we were going to have an amazing time five minutes into their Engagement Session and then a fun little side shoot at the place where it all started, Cardinal Newman Highschool a few months back.

We started our morning at Peter’s house, and with his great sense of style we were inspired to play with some Black and White Photography, the camera loved him!   Speaking of loving Pete, the top spot in that race is a dead even tie among like, ten people.  Parents, sisters, friends and his wife (to be) …Pete is one lucky guy to be surrounded with so much love.






DSC00863 copy

DSC04004 copy


DSC03977 copy



Ah! and then Francesca’s house!  Knowing the DiSalvo family as I do (they are the owners of the AMAZING Salon DiSalvo in Hamilton, ON) I was more than eager to get to Fran’s to see who was going to be the first to cry.   I’m not gonna tell, but I am sure, if you know her family, you can take a very good guess.

Some brides choose to have madness in their room while getting dressed, bringing in the whole team of bridesmaids to assist in getting ready.  Fran opted out of that and went with a more quiet scene, inviting only her mom and her sister in her room as she got ready.  Oh! and MINA!  We couldn’t forget her!

When Francesca was all dressed, with the help of her beautiful mother and fantastic sister…when the final touches of her hair and her dress were just perfect, we brought in Dad.  Joe was overwhelmed with emotion as he saw his daughter in her wedding gown…what a moment.







DSC00936a copy


DSC04033 copy copy


DSC04047 copy




DSC01320 copy


DSC04061 copy

Anyone else have something in their eye?

DSC04072 copy


DSC01317 copy


DSC00985 copy


DSC01375 copy


DSC01397 copy


DSC01432 copy


DSC04180 copy


After the beautiful ceremony at St. Francis Xavier Parish  in Stoney Creek, we headed to McMaster University for the photo shoot.   This wedding party was hilarious, a lot of work, but hilarious.






DSC01578 copy




DSC01048 copy










At last, it was time for the reception to begin at Michelangelos Event Centre in Hamilton.  We have been there more times than we can count and we are blown away each time.  The amount of care and detail that went in to the decor and food is unparalleled.  Hosted by dear friends, the evening went off without a hitch!  Well done Gentlemen.












Francesca and Peter, really what can we say here other than this whole process, from the consultation to now has been an absolute pleasure.  All our love to you both. xoxo



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