The Eric & Morgan Wedding Extravaganza

Yes we have amazing couples to look forward to at every wedding, and yes, we always anticipate having a great time and meeting new and interesting people and of course coming home with stunning photos.  We expect every weekend to have a  good time, but then there was this wedding.   We had it circled on our calendar, and for good reason yet we still had no clue the treat we were in for.  Enter the Modny household.  Where we were instantly greeted by a tsunami of groomsmen looking for socks, ties and pants.  The energy level was so high so early on and we were happy to know each and every groomsman was accounted for.  With already so much going on and so much to document, we went to work fast.

As always, we make the best of the short amount of time that we have with the Groom,  but here it was tough to stay focused.  These guys were killing us!  Between laughing at the guys roasting Eric and then laughing at the guys taking selfies we did manage to take some  pics, but it was not without having to take a few moments to regain our composure.

Look how sharp our groom looks!  From the monogrammed shirt cuffs, detailed cuff links and watch to the bacon & eggs themed socks, black tie and suspenders Eric looked insanely handsome ready to meet his bride.  Details, details, details!

And look how our groom turned out!  It would seem as though Eric is ready to go!




A lot can be said about the bond between brothers.  Eric & his younger brother Blake are as close as bros can be.  There is no shame in showing your bro some love –especially on his wedding day!  Between all the wise cracks, shots, horseplay and one-liners we were able to get some fantastic photos of these two!  I hope Eric’s mom has enough magnets for her fridge!  She is going to love these!   Who better to choose to stand beside you on your wedding day than your brother.


Yes, there were quite a few selfies that day.  As a matter of fact, Blake shamelessly wielded a selfie-stick all morning.

DSC00699 copy


DSC00738 copy


DSC00725 copy


DSC00726 copy

As you can probably tell, Marc always loves the part of the morning where we are working away at the Groom’s house, where as I,  on the other hand cannot wait until we arrive at the Bride’s house.  SO MUCH TO CAPTURE!   The only way to do this is to divide and conquer!  Marc is off capturing the bride and her bridesmaids hustling and bustling about while I’m trying to capture the details of the day, the dress, the gorgeous bouquets, the shoes… btw, you don’t mind lending out your wedding shoes to me do ya? lol.  Oh, and of course, the gorgeous invitations  and jewelry cannot be overlooked

DSC00789 copy


DSC00806 copy

This girl!  If you know Morgan, you like her.  Her infectious laugh and her beaming smile will lure you in and then her amazing personality will keep you there.  What a beautiful, down to earth girl.  Once we met her parents, we knew where the best of her came from, such awesome people.

DSC07311 copy


DSC07317 copy copy


DSC00835 copy


DSC08005 copy

Who wants just a boring ol’ photo with you maid of honor!  Prom pose anyone?  These two were hilarious.

DSC08088 copy

THIS doesn’t happen too often!  Morgan opened up her gift from Eric, and after Marc adjusted the settings a bit for her, Morgan started snapping away… ummm Morgan?  I think there is somewhere we are supposed to be…. after a few more snaps of course.

DSC00859 copy


DSC07991 copy


DSC07330 copy


DSC07328 copy

These girls were not only beautiful, but helpful and very attentive to Morgan.  I always tell Brides not to pick their bridesmaids out of obligation, but rather, to choose carefully which women they truly want standing with her on her wedding day.  It seems like Morgan chose very, very well.




THESE GUYS!  They made our day so fun!  I think more than a few times we had to stop shooting to laugh at what was going on.  Lucky for us, Blake’s selfie stick was down for the majority of the photo shoot.


SO, when it comes to the actual photo shoot, we try to handle the wedding party pics first, the bride with her bridesmaids, the groom with his groomsmen.  A few fun ones for the fridge and then a few formal ones for the mantle.  Once that is done, we send them away so that we are able to have some wind down time with the newlyweds.  We find, it’s a lot easier for them to be natural when there isn’t an audience of 20+ people watching them.  A huge shout out to Rosewood Estates Winery who are always so accommodating with their lovely grounds and allowing us in their barrel room.

DSC01067 copy


DSC01072 copy


DSC01026 copy

These two really do mean the world to each other.

DSC01031 copy


DSC07422 copy

WOooo hoooo!  finally the reception!!!!  I’m gonna let the smiles in these pics speak for themselves.  Always a great venue that we love working in, Winona Vine Estates never disappoints!







DSC01172 copy





This beautiful work of art of a cake table was done by Morgan’s dear friend Jen and business owner at Jennifer’s Cake Boutique.  An artist if you ask me, I can’t even make that nice of a bow in photo shop.



We say this a lot, and we mean it each time…but guys, THANK YOU!  We loved hanging out with you, meeting your amazing families and fantastic friends.  All our love to you both, today and every day that follows.




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