Rob & Jen – Married in Winona

Rob & Jen – Married in Winona

Well, if we weren’t sure whether we had arrived to the right place this early morning, the endless array of bikes outside pretty much let us know we had made it to Robs.  All of his merry groomsmen were riding to the reception in style today, because this is what Rob and his boys do.  They Ride.




Rob cleaned up really nice.  He looked very handsome in his suit and was sporting an infectious smile that just wouldn’t go away all day. And why would it?  Its his wedding day!  We hung out with Rob for an hour or so taking some photos and video before we headed out to Jen’s house.  Like Rob, We couldn’t wait to see her, but we were more anxious to finally meet their little man.

When Rob and Jen first approached us for their wedding, they were expecting their first bundle of joy.  We thought it would be a great idea to do a maternity session in the coming weeks.  We were so happy when Jen let us know they had a healthy baby boy.  They named him Jonathan.  And now, we were going to get to meet him for the first time.



Jen’s place was just like a bride’s house would be on the wedding day.  Lots of energy with family, bridesmaids and little people!  We met mom and dad and of course Jen’s little man!!  We went upstairs to where she would be getting ready away from the chaos and went to work.  We loved her dress, her shoes, her bouquet.  She was going to make a glowing bride!




The dress fit her so perfectly.  We stood back and just watched as Jen’s maid of honor helped her with the finishing touches.  Rob has no clue what he is in store for!



The finishing up with a some jewelry with mom, shoes and garter with her maid of honor..we are almost ready to go.  The excitement grows the sooner we get closer to show time.



Corsage for mom, boutineer for dad and some photos of the little people and bridesmaids which looked fantastic in their black dresses!





She is all ready to go!



Her descent into the living room!  Jen was now ready to walk down the isle.  Dad was very emotional, we will leave that for the video.



It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony at Winona Vine Estates full of emotion, laughter and tears.  We watched as they were joined together as one by exchanging vows and in no time at all they were finally married.  The first kiss was epic, we will also leave that for the wedding highlight video!



We took them allover the wonderful grounds there at Winona Vine Estates for photos during the cocktail hour.  Not only did we get some great photos,  it’s always cool being the first people to actually spend some time with the freshly married couple.  We couldn’t pry them apart most of the time, and that smile was even more evident now on both of their faces.









It was getting closer to the end of cocktail hour and we needed to get the couple inside for some refreshments.  We always allot some time for the bride to relax and get touched up before the receiving line starts, and the festivities begin.



The hall was beautifully decorated, as it always is when we cover a wedding reception here.






The cake was also lovely and decorated the head table nicely and was topped with a big W.  When it was time to cut the cake leave it to Jen and Rob to have some fun with it.


Clearly Rob really loves having cake put on his nose.



As much as we got to know about Rob and Jen leading up to their wedding day, it wasn’t until we heard the speeches from Jim the MC, Justin the best man and made of honor Lisa (who dug down really deep to make it up there) that we learned just how awesome Rob and Jen are, and how incredibly loved they are by everyone in their lives.  We learned how adversity growing up has made Jen such a strong, confident, beautiful woman and mother.   And how sensitive, caring and loving Rob is despite appearing rough around the edges, a big guy who owns a security company and rides motorbikes.  I still wouldn’t mess with him, though.

When it was time to hear from the newlyweds, they approached the podium with no cue cards or paper.  They just laid it all out there.  They showed us how two people just know when they have found their soul mate and just fall in love.  The more we heard the more we loved these guys!

Since chiming the silverware on the glass or plates was not allowed as per the house rules,  if you wanted to see the newlyweds kiss, you would have to donate $5 to sick kids hospital and the cancer society.  Class Acts!

DSC00329 copy


They also didn’t forget to pay tribute to loved ones that were there celebrating with them in spirit on their special day.  Always remembering.  Never forgetting.



We are so happy that you entrusted us with your wedding.  You two are an amazing couple and we were honored to be the ones who capture the memories on this day that will last forever!  Yup, we did that!   Enjoy your video !!  M&L <3












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