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It is always the same, after a long day of shooting a beautiful wedding, we tuck our cameras away in their bags, load all of our equipment into the car and before we pull away talk excitedly about how great the evening was and how much we loved the newlyweds.  With  Jacob and Dina we Read more ..

We have mentioned before the many many perks of being a wedding photographer.  I mean there’s the perk of working for yourself, travelling to new places and simply doing what you love and all that jazz that can also be said about a lot of occupations, but at the very top of the ultimate perk Read more ..

As a Bride, you hope for a beautiful, warm, sunny day.  As  photographers, we hope for a beautiful, overcast day, and on the day of Paul and Dana’s wedding, we got what we wanted. Well…almost, it was a little on the chilly side (you can never really tell with April) but the lighting was amazing. Read more ..

While on a trip with family and friends down in the Mayan Riviera, Matt, one of my close friends asked me for a favor.   A favor that turned into the coolest engagement session I have ever been a part of. As the clip shows, Matt and Arbella ( I call her Bells )  are seen Read more ..