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Daniel and Diana’s wedding, well, we laughed we cried, ate more than we would like to admit,  and all of THAT, happened before we even left the groom’s house.  We arrived at Dan’s first, to a home full of family, laughter, enough groomsmen to start a football team, and a whole lot of shoes in Read more ..

There is really no greater compliment than referrals, from either friends or past clients of ours.  That is how we came to first meet with John Paul & Sonia.  After they were referred to us by our lovely friend mutual friend Bayane, we met and the rest is history.  Working in the wedding industry,  we Read more ..

We meet new people every day, whether it be in line at the grocery store, at the gym or even just walking around the city.  Some people you form bonds with, and others you never meet again, but when people come into our lives to book their wedding day, we know that from that day, we Read more ..

Who doesn’t love the Burlington Waterfront?  If you haven’t made your way down for the it’s infamous Rib Festival,  Sound of Music or for a nice dinner at Spencer’s  you are missing out!  We recently took Frank and Nadia there for their engagement pictures and what an awesome day!  With all that the waterfront has Read more ..

They went to the same high school in Hamilton, he, older and therefore far too important to notice the young, beautiful Ashley in the hallways and she, far too shy to approach a senior.  Later in life, their paths crossed again but this time fate wasn’t about to let these two pass each other by.  Read more ..