The Best Sunday Ever

We have been so crazy busy this wedding season, and with it coming to a close,  we are able to start putting out some of our weddings from the last few months.  We are so excited to share with you the summer wedding day of Arthur and Brianne.

The BEST Sunday ever.   Brianne and Arthur’s wedding was such an amazing day filled with beautiful cultural traditions, family, love, and tons of dancing.  We started off the day, as we do most days at the Groom’s house.  This is the short amount of time where it is all about him.    The gentlemen were in perfectly tailored (thank YOU!) grey suits with personal touches throughout.  The cuff links were a “morning of” gift from the very thoughtful Brianne to her husband to be.   He also got what I think was some sort of video game (I think)  which made him VERY happy.  I, BTW, loved the pink striped socks,  they went with the hint of pink in the boutonnieres.


DSC03139 copy

DSC03645 copy

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DSC03164-2 copy



Brianne chose the always gorgeous, Whistle Bear Golf Club in Cambridge, ON.  to host her wedding, and I loved everything, down to the delicate bouquets for her bridesmaids.  Created by the extremely talented Jodie Leigh Designs, Brianne’s bouquet and decor were breath taking.

DSC03178 copy_mini

DSC05708 copy_mini

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We are big fans of the quiet moments.   Having your mother, help lace your dress, or put on a meaningful piece of jewelry, although seemingly not a giant moment will mean a lot to both of you…

DSC03192 copy_mini

DSC05720 copy_mini


And we can’t forget dad!  The moment he sees his daughter in her wedding dress usually always has us looking for a tissue.  Such a sweet gift from Brianne to her dad, I’m guessing the man likes to fish…  The first man to catch her heart.  No, I’m not crying, it’s my allergies.

DSC03689 copy_mini

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DSC05726 copy_mini

These girls were amazing!  Helpful, hilarious and clearly very, very important to Brianne.


DSC05740 copy_mini



DSC05898 copy

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DSC05907 copy


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The whole day was fantastic, filled with song performances by Arthur  but this money dance was amazing!  So fun to watch.


There were some pretty touching moments throughout the day, more than one for sure, but this one-had the entire room in tears.  From the speeches and stories we heard, she sounds like one of the most amazing women we have ever had the pleasure of meeting.

DSC06081 copy




We had such an amazing time at your wedding guys.  Thank you so much for allowing us to take part in your wedding day.  All our love to you both.  xo



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