Vince and Tiffany

What more can a couple ask for when their wedding is in the middle of February?  A mild day with no wind and some beautiful picturesque snowfall?  Well,  that’s exactly what Tiffany and Vince were treated to!  And as photographers with a winter wedding on hand, we couldn’t be more pleased with the weather and the fun wedding party we got to spend the entire day with. We heard the ruckus from outside upon reaching Vincent’s home.  Groomsmen scattered,  getting ready everywhere, suits here,  jackets there and a missing sock or two.  Typical of a bunch of young guys cleaning up to look dapper for their close friend’s wedding day.  They all cleaned up pretty well!  Especially our groom!






\Now to be honest, Vince already knew he wasn’t allowed to go into a certain bedroom and into the closet.  With all the preperation going on the day before leading to the wedding morning, it wasnt even on his mind.  He had no idea what surprise Tiffany had hidden for him there to open the morning of.  All of us were wowed.  The look on his face when he saw the case–and then the look on his face when he opened it to see a Martin Bass Guitar with a pick that had a special message engraved in it.   Incredible moment for us to be a part of and capture for sure.   Just look at his face!

DSC07315 copy


A couple more photos of the now SUPER happy groom outside before we head on to the bride’s house where we always expect even more excitement!  We were very pleased with the light snow falling with absolutely no wind a perfect setting for a winter wedding indeed.


We could already feel the excitement before walking into Tiffany’s house. Bridesmaids and family everywhere!  We definitely wanted to use the fresh fluffy snow outside for with accent shots with some of the accessories, but after we met Tiffany up in her room we knew we were going to spend the bulk of our time as she got ready.  Such great energy being surrounded with all of her bridesmaids.  We had so many great shots it was tough to choose what to post!  Once she was ready and in her dress she was a stunner.  Perfect time for dad to walk in and see his daughter.  Bust out the tissues it was that kind of moment.








The ceremony took place at St. Mary’s Parish which was a delight to work in as you can see.  We had a full house on hand to see our lovely couple exchange their vows.  Before we knew it, they were officially husband and wife!



The snow kept falling as we did the outdoor photo shoot.  Tiffany was a trooper as we had her knee deep in snow for some of the shots and she was loving it!  They gave us everything we could ask for to put together wonderful photos and a wedding highlight.  The setting for the shoot and reception was  at Winona Vine Estates, always a pleasure for us to work there.  The hall was beautifully decorated as always and the food was fantastic!








We had a blast at the reception.  The grand entrance was awesome, Vinny can move!  A great atmosphere and a lot of energy from the guests made the entire time we were there very enjoyable.  It’s very easy to forget sometimes that we are actually working.  Can you really enjoy a job this much?  When you work for a couple like Tiffany and Vincent yes you can enjoy it very much!

DSC06540 copy





Vince and Tiff–thank you for choosing us to capture your wedding day!   We had a blast hanging out with your families, meeting your friends and being a part of one of the most memorable days in your lives thus far.

The wedding highlight below!

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