Their Wedding Day! Mr. and Mrs. Happy Tears

So, if you follow our Facebook page this wedding might look a bit familiar to you, we have been posting their pics like crazy.  Every wedding has it’s emotional moments but THIS wedding set the bar!  A little bit of background information on us if you haven’t visited Marc Mikhail Photography for a consultation.  As we go though the details of the day, we touch on the aspects of the day that usually pull on a Groom’s heartstrings; when he reads the heartfelt note just before he leaves for the church, when he sees his bride for the first time coming down the aisle… so many.  I think it is fair to say that out of 10 groomsmen, 9 say they wont cry…and 9.5 of them do haha.  One of the reasons why we loved this wedding so much is that both sides of this family wore their hearts on the their sleeves.   We started off with Ryan and his men first thing in the morning.  Ryan had his barber and good friend come to the room to give him a super fresh look.  Who says only the bride needs to be a little pampered on her wedding day?

DSC03158 copy


This is sorta like the pre-shoot …shoot.  Hair a bit messy, no cuff links …this guy looks great at any stage of ready.




Hahaha how Canadian!  Beer mug socks!  Gentlemen, personal touches aren’t just for the brides!  Put in little bits of you everywhere you can.


Family pics are just so important to us.  We really feel the need to incorporate parents and family in some way other than just looking at camera for a group shot.  Warning, the following pics may bring you to tears, they certainly did for us.  Ryan is such a family guy, we fell in love with his clan, they are such amazing people.
















Nicole’s house!!!!!!  We were so excited to see Nicole on her big day,  it seemed like forever since we had shot their engagement session.   It was a beautiful day, a bit of sun but overcast (ideal for photographers btw)  Our girl was calm and beaming with happiness.  Her family and her bridesmaids were all there eager and ready to help out in any way they could.  What a perfect wedding dress Nic!!














Some special moments with her gorgeous mom had us all looking for a tissue.




Ok, as far as reactions go, this one is for sure in the top three.  Hahahaa look how happy Dad is to see his beautiful daughter for the first time in her wedding gown.  AGH! more tissues!




We couldn’t help but post this one, Nicole’s grandparents recently celebrated their 52nd anniversary.  What a blessing to experience a lifetime of love together.





DSC03648 copy

After the ceremony we headed to Knox College in Toronto for the Bridal Party pictures.  What a great space!  We wish we had more time, we could have spent HOURS there!  So, the groomsmen, they were hilarious, trying to get a shot of all of them looking at the camera without laughing was like trying to bath 10 cats at once, eventually we got it.


The girls were a much easier, flawless ladies, just flawless.














So when we were looking through these photos we tried desperately to remember the conversation these two were having at this moment.  We can’t remember so i am going to caption it like this,

1) Ryan- “Hey, I married this girl”  Nicole- “Haha he’s mine girls!”         2)  Both- “Um, did we actually just get married?”      3) Both- “Yep well nothing we can do now, I guess we’re married!”  4)  Ryan- “Wait a sec…” Nicole- “TOO LATE!!  Haha!”


The last hill of the day, the reception!  Held at Romas Hospitality Centre in Mississauga, we were treated to an amazing night of beautiful dances, heartfelt speeches, some delicious food finished with a mouthwatering wedding day cake by La Casa Dolce.



DSC03950 copy




DSC05105 copy


DSC04070-2 copy



From the moment we met with these two we looked forward to their wedding day, Nicole and Ryan, to say it was a pleasure meeting you and your amazing families is an understatement.  We laughed, we cried, we had a great time and took some great pics while doing it.   All our love to you both.  xox
Enjoy your wedding hilite below!

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