The Team

  • November 27, 2013

You don’t think you can look fabulous in photos?  Challenge accepted.

You have heard the expression “I am not photogenic” many times before if you haven’t said it yourself.  This could not be further from the truth.  We understand that most of us aren’t supermodels.  Sometimes it can feel awkward having your photo taken.

Meet Marc & Lisa.  From the initial consultation up until the big day they build a close relationship and works with the bride-to-be on creating an itinerary, ensuring a stress free experience for all the players involved.

On your wedding day Lisa works as a choreographer.  Step by step, working along with the wedding party, she will ensure the perfect canvas is in place as Marc shoots.  This ensures the bride and bridesmaids look perfect and of course, the groom and groomsmen as well.

You won’t see any awkward posing or positioning.  The best photos are the candid ones where everything is happening in real time, capturing the real stuff: emotion, love, and laughter.  Everyone looks great in these photos and it is evidenced in the body of work.  Find solace in knowing all the fabulous people in these photos are regular people like you and me.

“We bring it all to the table.  We are committed to you from day one.   We don’t want to feel like strangers at your wedding.  We want to be part of the wedding party, except we have cameras!    Rather than most photographers who cover weddings with an assistant, we both take the time to get to know our couples well.  It’s Essential!  No amount of editing can fix photos taken by anyone you are not comfortable with, and we know this.  So much goes into our photos that has nothing to do with photography per se.   We bring our expertise, knowledge and positive energy to every event and we feed off of yours.”

Lisa also works as the second shooter.  There is no angle that won’t be worked to ensure every bit of your ceremony is covered.  While Marc is covering the Bride being walked down the aisle, Lisa has her lens pointed at the groom, the parents, close relatives and friends.  We consistently catch that second where they first see each other in those precious moments right before becoming husband and wife.

“We feel so privileged to be part of your most important day together with your closest friends and family.  Knowing that you will relive those moments we captured every time you look at your photos for the rest of your lives is the most gratifying feeling ever!”

Marc prefers his photos to speak for themselves.  He prides himself on his composition, lighting and editing.  None of his weddings look the same, nor will they ever.  When Marc covers a wedding his inspiration is drawn from the couple, the wedding party, location…everything that is occurring that day.  No wedding is the same, and their photographs should reflect that!
The real work begins for Marc once the wedding day is over.  Endless nights spent editing each and every wedding to perfection.

“We have the best job in the world.  We get to do what we love best, and we get to do it with our favorite person in the whole wide world.  Meeting so many couples in love.  Strangers that have become friends.  Celebrating every week with their families and friends leaving them with photos and memories that will live beyond our lifetime.  Yup, that what we do.  Pretty cool huh.”


  A little about me… well,  I was born somewhere and then i grew up.  Along the way I gave my parents and my teachers a hard time, played and watched a lot of sports and caught a lot of bugs and put them in jars.  Nobody roofed as many tennis balls as i did.  I loved scary movies, loved transformers and threw a ton of things off of my seventh story balcony.   I probably would have got a lot more of these amazing things done had i not been in detention so much but that time served didn’t stop me from meeting a lot of very interesting people along my traveled paths.

Presently I still live where I was born.  I haven’t changed much.  I’m taller.  I want to explore the world.  I love shark week, I have two miniature dobes and love being outside and active.  I also met a wonderful girl and here I am today.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, I picked up a camera. First it was a disposable. Then I had my own film camera, and not long after, a digital camera.  From the time I picked up that first camera, they always referred to me as, ‘the kid with the camera,’ because I couldn’t put it down.

I guess it is true.  Not much has changed.  I still draw dinosaurs and stick men on lined binder paper and I like old arcade games.  If there was 30 hours in a day i definitely would catch more bugs and play even more sports.

I found my calling.  I still can’t put the camera down.  And I’m pretty good with it now too..


I am as simple as a girl can be and I love the little things in life.  I  love the little free time I get being with my family, or in my nest warm and cuddled up in a blanket watching Netflix or being on Imgur. I love painting, reading and I absolutely love sleep, and sleeping in.  My favorite movies are; The Neverending Story, The Princess Bride and Labyrinth, so clearly, fantasy and love stories are my thing!  I have tackled snowboarding, mastered my cast when fishing and yes, I put the worms on my own hook, and am more then happy to remove the hook from the fish before I release him back into the wild.

The first time I had a professional camera in my hands was when Marc handed it to me while on a fishing trip at the Niagara Gorge. With so much trust he handed me this incredibly intimidating piece of equipment and told me to “Go have fun, explore.” I was nervous as hell, terrified that I was somehow going to mess up his settings or even worse drop it! But with a little bit of coaxing, a lot of training and tons of practicing I came to learn how much I loved photography. My progression was slow, starting first by taking photos of flowers, landscape, moving insects and then FINALLY graduated to people. Four years later it has quickly become my passion.

I have come to realize how much I love seeing people in love.  I have always noticed it everywhere whether it’s at a coffee shop or in line for popcorn at the movies…seeing cute gestures between couples in love is just so sweet it truly gives me a warm feeling inside and makes me smile.  Finding myself working with couples in love really seems to make a lot of sense.

Have you ever had the most amazing dream, but minutes after you wake up all you seem to remember are the smallest fragments as you try to piece it back together?  You remember how incredible you felt while you were dreaming and you can’t wait to share it with everyone, but because of all the missing pieces, explaining it doesn’t really do it justice…or really even make sense.  The more you try to recall it, the more you forget.  The frustration!

I can’t help you remember your dreams, but I can definitely help you relive your dream wedding.