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Choosing the right fit

Although we would love to cover every single wedding, we know we aren’t the photographers & cinematographers for everyone. Choosing the right photographer/cinematographer will be one of the most important decisions that you make for your wedding day, a daunting task that requires a bit of leg work and research. Every single thing you spend so much time planning for will live forever in the photos & video, and there are no second chances!

There are so many things to consider, style, pricing, and most importantly, selecting a team with a personality that meshes with yours. Being in the business as long as we have and having been part of so many couple’s big day, we have come up with some tips and suggestions that can help you when selecting your photo & video team that will help you make the right decision and also show you where Marc Mikhail Photography & Cinema stands out.

Confirm your Shooter(s)

This one, we feel is super important for multiple reasons and many people overlook it or don’t even consider it. When searching for your photographer/cinematographer, no doubt you will encounter many websites or social media pages full of beautiful photos and video that captivate you. It’s important to know that many large-scale photography & video studios have a number of photographers on staff, many of which are independent and contracted out by many other companies as well based on their availability. Many of these companies also cover several weddings–sometimes even more on the same dates. So if they are working so many weddings on the same date, who will be at your wedding? Will they be the same ones who shot and edited the very same content that led you to contact that brand? This would raise more questions such as whether or not they are full-time photographers or is this a side project for them? Why research at all when you will just be appointed a team by the brand you approach based on the shooter’s availability? If the company you approach cannot tell you the names of the shooters during your first visit or consultation who will be there on your day chances are it’s because they don’t know yet either.

Marc Mikhail Photography & Cinema is a small team of wedding specialists. We do the shooting, planning and all of the editing is done in-house by the same people who shot the wedding rather than handed it off to another entity that wasn’t there. All of the content on our site and social media that led you to contact us are real weddings shot and edited by the same small team that will be there for you at your engagement session and wedding day. No middlemen, secretaries or departments you will always deal with us directly. We don’t do anything else, we are full-time wedding specialists.


Choosing your photographer/cinematographer cannot be a decision made on looks or price alone. It is crucial to meet with your list of potentials in person. We always suggest meeting with around 3 photographers whose style you love. Meeting with more than one company will not only let you see what is out there but also where one might stand out over the others and allow you to compare packages and services. During your consultation, ask to see a FULL WEDDING collection. It needs to be consistent, beautiful, and match your vision. Anyone can take a great photo by chance-where professionalism and skill come in is with consistency.
This is something we work into every consultation, so don’t worry if you forget to ask!

Itinerary and Planning

This one is certainly something we touch on when getting close to the end of our consultations. Creating and sticking to an itinerary (while not very glamorous) is essential. We usually start drafting itineraries as early as 3 months prior to your wedding day that way we can understand how the wedding is going to unfold, and help you plan your vendors (makeup, hairstylists). This should NOT be a separate service in addition to your package.

Attire and Etiquette

This is something we feel should go without saying but we are gonna say it anyway. Ensure that your photographer(s) will be dressed appropriately. Hats, shorts, unbuttoned shirts, and running shoes are absolutely on the list of “what not to wear to a wedding”. Unless, of course, we are taking your photos on a beach in Honduras…in that case, bring on the sandals and SPF 30!

Post Production Details- Timelines and Editing

Every company has their own timelines when it comes to delivering your wedding collection. Make sure that it is outlined in your contract when you can expect to receive your final photos and video.


Ask your friends about their wedding experiences! If you know someone who has worked with anyone that you are considering we encourage you to sit with them and ask away! Ask about their experience with them and how they felt about their services and the delivered product. It’s amazing how much you can learn from couples who have been through it all, their feedback is invaluable.

Our Strategy

Marc Mikhail Photography & Cinema has an amazing system for weddings. It is a science that we have perfected based on everything we have encountered over the last 10 years of being in the industry. Our team of three per wedding knows what their assignments are at every portion of the day and work cohesively as a unit without stepping on each other’s toes for both photo and video coverage. This is why we do not work with other video or photo teams. Having two different ideologies and visions working with you is not recommended. Being in each other’s way, having tripods or other equipment from the other team in the shot, and crowding people’s homes with multiple shooters is not ideal. In addition, as mentioned above we create the itinerary for you based on all of the details of your day. We actively drive the day taking as much off of your shoulders as possible. You don’t even need to look at your watch all day. Trust us. We got it!

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